Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October is about Awareness and Hope

Awareness.  It was football season, just like now, when we became aware of a little word that is a big monster - Rett.  A friend's daughter, Kate, had just been diagnosed and over the next couple years her developmental slowness was not obvious due to her young age.

Somewhere in there Hope appeared in a word - "Reversible".  Science had found the destination and "Reverse Rett" became, and still is the anthem.  But the distance we need to travel now is great, and the map is mostly blank with the end, the start and slow path being drawn.

Science is moving rapidly relative to most scientific cure endeavors, thanks to a whole lot of empowered families, doctors and

But relative speed for science is slow as a tortoise in a race with the hare to Rett daughter's families, friends and supporters. and those families have teamed with doctors to streamline processes, dedicate funding to the most relevant studies and supporting the girls and their families while there.  This team will catch up, and like the fable, the tortoise will cross that line, defeating the hare named Rett.