Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week #1 - Getting a Good start

Pre-training is over and now it's time to get serious.  Sixteen weeks from now I'll be running in the Boston Marathon, something I'm not sure I've totally wrapped my mind around.  Two years ago, when I trained for Chicago, I trusted my workout plan and stayed 90% true to it through August and then about 60% the final two months.  I am going to aim for 90-95% for the entire 16 weeks including cross training.

Every Day:  I MUST do my running exercises before I run and my stretches afterwards.  No cross training until January 6th as directed by my ENT doctor.

Dec. 30 - Jan. 5
Monday:  Five miles no pressure running - forecast makes it sound like I'll be on the treadmill.  We'll see.  Can do anytime as I'm off on break.
       Done - I went five miles around town, did my exercises and stretched afterwards.  Added a little core to that so I hit my goal 100%.  Darn Nike Plus ap fell victim to Squirts quick start yanking the leash out of my hand and me chasing him, to the delight of Mike Tibken driving home for lunch, to Hilltop.

Tuesday:  Six miles of tempo running.  One three and 1/3rd miles at marathon pace.  I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, so looking like an afternoon run outside hopefully (maybe in the snow with my new yaktracks).
      Done - No snow today, so I ran from my house to Akers and back after my very successful Doctor's appointment.  Infection is under control and things look great and I'm breathing like I did when I was 18!  It must have done the trick because I ran a 8 minute 50 second average with 3 of the 6.72 miles at a 10 minute pace.  Again, the phone ap didn't track me 100% as my battery wasn't fully charged, so I'm not 100% sure about my pace on my three miles of "Marathon Pace", but it had to be around 8:30 a mile to bring that average down.  I also did my exercises before and stretches after, so again 100% hitting the goal.

Wednesday:  New Years Day - four miles.  Good thing, going to have to squeeze it in between waking up from New Year's Eve and the Outback Bowl party.

      Done - Had to shovel some and got comfortable with the weather so grabbed Squirt and went for three miles, not four, in the snow and with my new running Yaktrax.  Felt really good and took the picture that's on my most recent post.  Discovered it was only 5 degrees, which is amazing figuring I usually don't run outside if it's below 10 degrees.  Didn't stretch or do my exercises, the game was approaching faster than I wanted so I just went and then got ready for that.

Thursday:  Tempo again (6 miles), three 3/4 mile stretches at marathon pace with four minute breaks between.  Still off from break, so will do, most likely, in the afternoon.

      Done - Did my six miles on the treadmill and I will say the ONLY advantage is that you can control the pace.  But I hated every second.  It was 5 degrees and windier than the other day.  I did four marathon paced runs, not three and did my exercises and stretches.

Friday:  Back to work, so I'll do my three miles in the morning either outdoors or on the treadmill.

      Done - Did my three miles in the morning at the HWC... did the exercises.

Saturday:  Just a two-three mile jog easy through town, or at the HWC, easy.

      Done - The two in the HWC after basketball tournaments

Sunday: My first long run, an easy paced 10 mile run.  Most likely start at home, got out and around the lake and add a two mile loop coming back.  After church.

     Done -  Did the ten early Sunday morning before church on the treadmill.  Wind Chill warning kept me indoors.

Total Miles:  37  (Actualy 35.5 miles)

Pre-Training week review:
I did 27 miles of just running.  Over half the time I did my stretches and my exercises.  No core or cross training as directed by the doctor.  I overcame a slight hamstring and calf pull from running at the lake on snow covered trails.
Run at Lake Anita 12/27

Friday, December 27, 2013

Obstacles - current and how to overcome them.

Today is as good of a day as any to talk about physical obstacles in training for and running a marathon.  The time is right because several things have happened over the past few days.
Lake Anita run 12/27 with Squirt & Val

Sinus/Nasal Surgery:  I am a full two weeks removed from my surgery, one that I'm extremely happy with and can see a marked improvement AND have been give a plan to ensure the best possible odds of keeping my symptoms at bay.  With that being said, I got a call from the Doctor's office and they had discovered (through a culture) that I have MRSA and am now on a different anti-biotic.  I almost wonder if I haven't had it for a long time as I was congested for most of 2013 in the worst way, beyond what I should have been even with my issues AND I don't feel any different than I have for most of 2013 (actually feel better obviously).  I do have to wait another 10 days before I can cross train, but other than that I can log my miles and start my training on the 30th.

Hamstring/Calf:  Today's run at the lake was enjoyable, but the combination of running on ice in Cedar Rapids for three days and lifting my legs higher through the snow covered trail has my calf and hamstring on my right leg a little gimpy right now.  Add my left hamstring to the mix as it has never totally recovered from the Chicago 2011 marathon and I could have multiple excuses for stopping my training.  I will probably steer clear of the lake until the snow melts, but it will take those spots feeling worse after treatment tonight for me to not run tomorrow.  I've discovered the magic of ice and light stretching as well as Tylenol in combating the little aches and pains that put us down on the couch.  I had a knee issue in November, but ice and new shoes took care of that, as well as rest (which ultimately can be the best answer) for a couple days.

Asthma:  I developed Asthma seven years ago and take a daily controller once a day.  While I've never really had an "attack", breathing gets difficult if I skip a couple days and I will use the normal inhaler on occasion before I work out.  I don't think of this when I'm actually running IF I've done what I can to control it, but if I don't I can tell immediately and I have to "gut" out a "tight" run.

Weight:  I'm going to list weight as an obstacle, because ultimately it did contribute to my disappointing time at Chicago.  Two months from the race I was in a good position and then I didn't watch my nutrition as well as I had the previous five months.  I will blog about my nutrition (once the holidays pass) but I have made some changes since finding out about getting to run the marathon and I am shooting to be my lightest in some 20 years to help my body haul itself from the start to finish.  Also, be aware of what it is I'm eating so my body is as efficient as it can be.

Age:  I don't acknowledge age as an obstacle.  I threw it in here because we tend to use this as a primary reason for not getting out and doing what we like to do.  Young people get injured, have pains, do damage.  Your body will always respond by making itself stronger after a workout.

Bottom Line:  While any, or all of these things can hit me at any given moment I feel 100% better after my run and that includes days I feel great.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pre-training Week

After 10 days off from a successful sinus surgery, I get a full week of just logging miles and prepping for the 16 week schedule.  My cross training will be limited as I have to wait until Jan. 6th until I can weight train to do anything too strenuous from the surgery.

Goal:  3-4 miles a day outdoors if possible; Stretch and do my running exercises before and/or after each run.

In Cedar Rapids Dec. 22
Dec. 22 - 3.5 miles outdoors...stretched
Dec. 23 - 4.0 miles Treadmill :( 
Dec. 24 - 4.0 miles Treadmill - stretched and did my exercises both on the 23-24.
Dec. 25 - 4.0 miles outside!  Snowing even.  No running exercises or stretches.
Dec. 26 - 4.0 miles outside!  Stretches.
Dec. 27 - 4.5 miles around Lake Anita. Stretches.

Going to be nicer for a day or two for outside.

I did feel really good on all three days and the surgery allows me to just breath.

Boston Marathon Goal:  Based on my performance in Chicago (a little over 5 hours) the overall goal is 4 1/2 hours (realistic). 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Training Blog Overview

Beginning Dec. 30th I am going to follow the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) 16 week training program for the Boston Marathon -
Me ahead of the Kenyans

Training - I'm beginning this blog to have a place to record my training efforts, organize my weekly and daily thoughts about training and to help motivate and hold myself accountable for the many hours that it will take to reach my performance goal for the marathon.  It will also serve as a collection of pictures, places and give me something to look back on after it is all said and done.

Nutrition - Too often we start exercise program and write off worrying about the nutrition.  I've said, and I've heard it said, "I exercise so I can eat X, or drink X."  I'll post about "tumblr", a website that scrolls anything you want about anything you want, later which I use it for fitness motivation.  One "fitspriational" quote said "No exercise program can fix a bad diet" and after 49 years of trying it that why I'm giving in and taking a new attitude towards what I eat.   I have shaped some beliefs and I will try to link them to information that supports each change I blog about. 

Schedule & Different Types of Run - Normally I've always been satisfied with just logging miles.  This past year I've currently logged 140 runs for a total of 669 miles.  In 2012 I had 105 runs for a total of 506 miles; 2011 (starting in March) my last marathon year Nike+ had me log 81 runs for 530 miles.  But rarely have I done intervals, or tempo runs...just do it depending on who I'm running with or how I feel or both.  I plan to review my goals in terms of the types of runs and performance and then at the end of the week do a look back and look forward.

Cross Training - Stretching, running specific exercises, core and overall strength will be addressed as well.  There are only so many hours in the day, but I want to cross train a minimum of three times a week, while stretching or doing my running exercises everyday I run. 

Obstacles:  Ones I've overcome, are dealing with and will run up against as I train.

So I hope you enjoy hearing about my training journey and of course about Kat, Rett Syndrome and our fundraising efforts.