Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to track my progress during the Boston Marathon 2014

Tracking me during the marathon
I will be in Wave 4, Corral 8. Exit Athlete’s Village at 11:05 a.m. and start at approximately 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time.

I will be finishing between 3:45 - 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time.
Here’s how you can follow my marathon progress (directions take from the marathon website):

My Bib #:  29362
  • TEXT - Simply text the athlete's Bib Number to 345678 using your US mobile phone. You will then receive an sms text response with instructions on how to submit a runner’s bib number. You will receive up to 6 texts per bib number. Message & data rates may apply. Text STOP to cancel. Text HELP for help. Available on participating carriers only. Privacy Policy at:
  • EMAIL - Continue to the registration page for the AT&T Athlete Alert on the race website. Sign-up using your mobile phone number for SMS text message updates, or by entering an email address for email updates. Click here to sign up now.
  • If you register a mobile phone online, you will receive a message asking you to confirm your intention to receive updates from the 2014 Boston Marathon AT&T Athlete Alert. Once you’ve completed registration for AT&T Athlete Alert, you will receive text updates courtesy of AT&T and the Boston Marathon when your runner has crossed the following points on the course:
  • 10K
Refer to this link if you have any problems or contact me.
Thank you for all of your support and I can’t wait to cross the starting line in Hopkinton and the finish line in Boston! #BostonStrong #ROAR #ReverseRett

Online Race Coverage - Universal Sports 

I think you can try to log in with your DirectTV, Dish or other cable/satellite provider here.  Not sure if it's a charge.

CAM North Staff on KCCI day Tuesday.  Thanks for providing the purple backdrop for the day, the high school did a fabulous job as well!

I will be uploading pictures and accounts to my FB & Kate's FB page all weekend -Search if you haven't found it yet.

Team Kate - From CAM to the Boston Marathon 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Last of the Long Runs and Home stretch on training

Team "We've Got the Runs"
While my intent was to journal my workouts through the entire training process, life gets in the way and though I love writing there just wasn't enough time to stay on top of my blog.  The good news is outside of the Alumni Tournament Weekend, my training runs went as planned and I feel better than ever going into tapering and the countdown to the Boston Marathon.  I had my last really long run yesterday in Cedar Rapids and officially two weeks from the race I can now enjoy medium and short runs from here on out.

Marathon Relay & Casey:
My longest run happened a few weeks ago as an amazing turnout for our marathon relay event spurred a nice run to Adair and back, my legs feeling better than ever and I welcomed the thought of going another six miles after the 20 eagerly.  I saw most people, but being on that road precluded me from meeting several of the groups, but it was a widely successful day to say the least.  The next week saw me run to Casey from Anita getting my 16 miles in all in one shot.  Thankfully I had a ride home and got to have spaghetti at Troop 70's annual spaghetti supper.

Moving Ahead:
Now we're planning the weekend and coordinating what and where we are doing things.  What seemed so far away is now right on the doorstep and stuff's getting real for sure.  More to come as the weeks turn into days going forward.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week #4 - Post-Purple out and oh, so many miles

Purple Out - Amazing evening and thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone and everything you did to make it a memorable event both emotionally and monetarily.  Thanks to the Cheerleaders for the pop shoot and ribbons; CAM North 1st grade for all of the items they sold and many they made or thought up; the pledges and straight donations; and those who ate our walking tacos.

A big congratulations to senior (and 1st grade intern) Erin Daugherty who hit two free throws and the game winning layup in the final 24 seconds of the game to lift the Cougars to the upset victory.  Her and Alyssa Kragelund, along with many others, played their hearts out in a effort to bring the victory home.  Erin said, "I really wanted to win this game."

It was fitting that the money raised during the t-shirt sales and the fundraising that night, pushed us over the goal of $7,000 and where we stand roughly today is just over $8,000 raised.  Our new goal is $10,000 with the expectation of reaching it soon.

Last Week Training - I've hit the vast majority of my miles and all of my dates in my training the most recent two dates had me run 10 miles on Saturday and 12 yesterday.  Today my legs feel great after this unprecedented total and my fourth week begins tomorrow.  I've been stretching and doing extra exercises that are important in this process.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week #3 - Upping those miles AND PURPLE OUT!

I'm late this week as this and the next couple have been filled with games along with other obligations.  The good news is the miles went from mid-30s to 50 AND so far it's felt very good, like I'm stronger and more prepared.  This is great going into Purple Out Night on January 17th at CAM High School as the confidence I now have will help me deliver the message we intend to convey Friday.

Monday - Rest & Yoga  Done!  20 minutes only (meetings)
Tuesday - Interval Training (3x2000m, 3 minutes between each) 10 K pace, 8 miles  Done - 7 miles though...shaved one for the treadmill
Wednesday - 3 miles Done- 3 miles
Thursday - MLR - 10 miles (Medium Long Run) at an easy pace - Done - 9 miles (one for the treadmill)
Friday - 4 miles
Saturday - Tempo - 8 miles with 30 minutes at Marathon pace in the middle
Sunday - Distance - 12 miles at an easy pace.
    Total distance:  50 miles

We picked up the 416 T-shirts for the Purple Out on Wednesday and distributed them to the various buildings and individuals.

The 1st grade is doing a bake sale titled - "Bake for Kate" and doing a table with homemade items

We're having a walking-taco bar for a free will donation and the 1st graders are also selling pencils and other items.

We are asking for pledges per point scored (individual teams, combined, girls, boys or both).  So you can plan ahead, here are the scoring averages for the four teams:

Girls - CAM  33  Boyer Valley 47;  Boys - CAM 39  Boyer Valley 52

We will be stopping at the end of the 3rd quarter of the boys game so their 3 quarter averages are:

Boys 3 quarter average - CAM 26  Boyer Valley 33

Come out and support our cause, it promises to be a great night!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week #2 - Rest, nutrition and more miles

Last week reflection and results:  I did all of my runs and about 80% on my exercises and stretches.  Had to do the long run on the treadmill Sunday morning due to the cold which was not a lot of fun, but I've got to do what I've got to do.  Feeling good physically and mentally ready for more intense intervals this week.

Week #2, 15 weeks until the race:  Generally speaking still lower miles at 33 minimum, stepping up the interval training, getting a "rest" day and it looks to be warmer, so maybe no treadmill.

Monday, Day 1 - Rest, but I will be doing P90X Yoga on these days to help with stretching.

      Done - Went really well, though having to set up the late start phone call got me out of "Yoga-belly 7"

Tuesday, Day 2 - Seven miles of interval training.  Three sets of 800m-600m-600m with four minutes between sets and 30 seconds between running them at 5k pace.

Wednesday, Day 3 - Four mile run

Thursday, Day 4 - Tempo Run - Seven miles - two 15 minute marathon paced runs in the middle with five minute recovery in the middle.

Friday, Day 5 - Four mile run

Saturday, Day 6 - Three mile run

Sunday, Day 7 - Ten mile run

Total Miles - 34 miles

Nutrition - Mixed bag, still having to cut some of my "grazing" as watching the Iowa game on New Year's Day proved that and now that most of the Christmas candy and cookies are gone I can really cut out the sweets.  Meals have been healthy and good.  We will have to do the sweet potato chips in the microwave more often, they were yummy!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Lifestyle changes - talk about a jump start!

**Quick Note - Thank you to the amazing donations that came in New Year's Eve!  $775 total in a matter of minutes after I posted a reminder on Facebook.  Thanks Shane & Suzanne; Missy, Craig, Jack & Ellie, Jodi & John; and Trace & Michael Wyatt!

A notable Anita citizen told me last year how "sad" it was that he's won several weight loss competitions, that he's been heavy enough to loss enough to win and then gain it back.  Thus the cycle we face with getting on the New Year's Resolution train, where we start and have a good month or three and then forget to embed these short term changes into our long term lifestyle.

New Year's Day run - Starting the year off right!
Too often it's about the number, a certain weight most often or a number of miles, or times going in the gym, number of calories a day, etc.  This is a recipe for disaster as we are all perfectionists and once we make a mistake we feel defeated and off the proverbial "wagon" we fall.

I've always liked keeping it simple and Coach "K" at Duke illustrates this well as he has one rule for his basketball team - "Don't do anything that will embarrass you, the team or your family and doesn't make you a better player." (or something like that).  Rather than a long list of "dos" or "do nots" this incorporates all those situations that fall outside of those lists that players are good at finding the loop holes from.  Likewise, rather than a set number, or specific resolutions, I'm going to offer general lifestyle changes that I can reflect on week to week, month to month and feel better in the long run about my changes.

Spiritual Change:  I am going to read the Bible at home and pray more often.  On the average I probably read it twice a month last year, and this year I'm going to do one of those Year plans to read the whole Bible.  It's on my phone, so if I don't sit down during my dedicated time (morning usually) it will be with me during the moments I'm searching to fill.  I will also pray for others, for the things I'm doing and just in general to slow things down and focus on God in my life.

Nutritional Change:  I'm going to pay even more attention to what, and how much of what I put into my body.  Obviously I've put in the physical time over the past few years and I'm still not where I want to be, and most of that has to do with the type of foods I enjoy and the amount I consume.  I will look for healthier options (which are usually always there) and I will cut down on some things that are embedded in my lifestyle right now.  This doesn't mean "diet" it means making a change and sticking to that change AND allowing yourself to fail once in awhile, but not reverting back.  Also, water, water, water, water...all day long.  I've been pretty good over the last couple months but continue this trend as it is the easiest change that produces dramatic results as well as boosting all other efforts.

Physical Purpose:  My workouts will be more purposeful and intense and starting with the marathon training is a perfect way to kick start this process.  Before it was just about miles, or burning calories but now it's about focus on short term goals that are consistent, focused and intense.  No skipping allowed and after the 16 weeks is through I will take that momentum into the rest of the year.  I'm charting the miles, the types of workouts and have included strength with the miles, exercises and stretches as well.

Family/Community:  No real changes needed here, just a little more organized in efforts in both so I can be more efficient to accomplish more and get more done. 

While my overriding priorities would be God, Family, Self I am moving "Self" ahead of "Family" it terms of making these changes as I need more attention paid to the physical and nutritional aspects of myself.

Thank you and here's to a great 2014!