Monday, April 7, 2014

Last of the Long Runs and Home stretch on training

Team "We've Got the Runs"
While my intent was to journal my workouts through the entire training process, life gets in the way and though I love writing there just wasn't enough time to stay on top of my blog.  The good news is outside of the Alumni Tournament Weekend, my training runs went as planned and I feel better than ever going into tapering and the countdown to the Boston Marathon.  I had my last really long run yesterday in Cedar Rapids and officially two weeks from the race I can now enjoy medium and short runs from here on out.

Marathon Relay & Casey:
My longest run happened a few weeks ago as an amazing turnout for our marathon relay event spurred a nice run to Adair and back, my legs feeling better than ever and I welcomed the thought of going another six miles after the 20 eagerly.  I saw most people, but being on that road precluded me from meeting several of the groups, but it was a widely successful day to say the least.  The next week saw me run to Casey from Anita getting my 16 miles in all in one shot.  Thankfully I had a ride home and got to have spaghetti at Troop 70's annual spaghetti supper.

Moving Ahead:
Now we're planning the weekend and coordinating what and where we are doing things.  What seemed so far away is now right on the doorstep and stuff's getting real for sure.  More to come as the weeks turn into days going forward.