Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week #4 - Post-Purple out and oh, so many miles

Purple Out - Amazing evening and thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone and everything you did to make it a memorable event both emotionally and monetarily.  Thanks to the Cheerleaders for the pop shoot and ribbons; CAM North 1st grade for all of the items they sold and many they made or thought up; the pledges and straight donations; and those who ate our walking tacos.

A big congratulations to senior (and 1st grade intern) Erin Daugherty who hit two free throws and the game winning layup in the final 24 seconds of the game to lift the Cougars to the upset victory.  Her and Alyssa Kragelund, along with many others, played their hearts out in a effort to bring the victory home.  Erin said, "I really wanted to win this game."

It was fitting that the money raised during the t-shirt sales and the fundraising that night, pushed us over the goal of $7,000 and where we stand roughly today is just over $8,000 raised.  Our new goal is $10,000 with the expectation of reaching it soon.

Last Week Training - I've hit the vast majority of my miles and all of my dates in my training the most recent two dates had me run 10 miles on Saturday and 12 yesterday.  Today my legs feel great after this unprecedented total and my fourth week begins tomorrow.  I've been stretching and doing extra exercises that are important in this process.