Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week #3 - Upping those miles AND PURPLE OUT!

I'm late this week as this and the next couple have been filled with games along with other obligations.  The good news is the miles went from mid-30s to 50 AND so far it's felt very good, like I'm stronger and more prepared.  This is great going into Purple Out Night on January 17th at CAM High School as the confidence I now have will help me deliver the message we intend to convey Friday.

Monday - Rest & Yoga  Done!  20 minutes only (meetings)
Tuesday - Interval Training (3x2000m, 3 minutes between each) 10 K pace, 8 miles  Done - 7 miles though...shaved one for the treadmill
Wednesday - 3 miles Done- 3 miles
Thursday - MLR - 10 miles (Medium Long Run) at an easy pace - Done - 9 miles (one for the treadmill)
Friday - 4 miles
Saturday - Tempo - 8 miles with 30 minutes at Marathon pace in the middle
Sunday - Distance - 12 miles at an easy pace.
    Total distance:  50 miles

We picked up the 416 T-shirts for the Purple Out on Wednesday and distributed them to the various buildings and individuals.

The 1st grade is doing a bake sale titled - "Bake for Kate" and doing a table with homemade items

We're having a walking-taco bar for a free will donation and the 1st graders are also selling pencils and other items.

We are asking for pledges per point scored (individual teams, combined, girls, boys or both).  So you can plan ahead, here are the scoring averages for the four teams:

Girls - CAM  33  Boyer Valley 47;  Boys - CAM 39  Boyer Valley 52

We will be stopping at the end of the 3rd quarter of the boys game so their 3 quarter averages are:

Boys 3 quarter average - CAM 26  Boyer Valley 33

Come out and support our cause, it promises to be a great night!