Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pre-training Week

After 10 days off from a successful sinus surgery, I get a full week of just logging miles and prepping for the 16 week schedule.  My cross training will be limited as I have to wait until Jan. 6th until I can weight train to do anything too strenuous from the surgery.

Goal:  3-4 miles a day outdoors if possible; Stretch and do my running exercises before and/or after each run.

In Cedar Rapids Dec. 22
Dec. 22 - 3.5 miles outdoors...stretched
Dec. 23 - 4.0 miles Treadmill :( 
Dec. 24 - 4.0 miles Treadmill - stretched and did my exercises both on the 23-24.
Dec. 25 - 4.0 miles outside!  Snowing even.  No running exercises or stretches.
Dec. 26 - 4.0 miles outside!  Stretches.
Dec. 27 - 4.5 miles around Lake Anita. Stretches.

Going to be nicer for a day or two for outside.

I did feel really good on all three days and the surgery allows me to just breath.

Boston Marathon Goal:  Based on my performance in Chicago (a little over 5 hours) the overall goal is 4 1/2 hours (realistic).