Friday, December 27, 2013

Obstacles - current and how to overcome them.

Today is as good of a day as any to talk about physical obstacles in training for and running a marathon.  The time is right because several things have happened over the past few days.
Lake Anita run 12/27 with Squirt & Val

Sinus/Nasal Surgery:  I am a full two weeks removed from my surgery, one that I'm extremely happy with and can see a marked improvement AND have been give a plan to ensure the best possible odds of keeping my symptoms at bay.  With that being said, I got a call from the Doctor's office and they had discovered (through a culture) that I have MRSA and am now on a different anti-biotic.  I almost wonder if I haven't had it for a long time as I was congested for most of 2013 in the worst way, beyond what I should have been even with my issues AND I don't feel any different than I have for most of 2013 (actually feel better obviously).  I do have to wait another 10 days before I can cross train, but other than that I can log my miles and start my training on the 30th.

Hamstring/Calf:  Today's run at the lake was enjoyable, but the combination of running on ice in Cedar Rapids for three days and lifting my legs higher through the snow covered trail has my calf and hamstring on my right leg a little gimpy right now.  Add my left hamstring to the mix as it has never totally recovered from the Chicago 2011 marathon and I could have multiple excuses for stopping my training.  I will probably steer clear of the lake until the snow melts, but it will take those spots feeling worse after treatment tonight for me to not run tomorrow.  I've discovered the magic of ice and light stretching as well as Tylenol in combating the little aches and pains that put us down on the couch.  I had a knee issue in November, but ice and new shoes took care of that, as well as rest (which ultimately can be the best answer) for a couple days.

Asthma:  I developed Asthma seven years ago and take a daily controller once a day.  While I've never really had an "attack", breathing gets difficult if I skip a couple days and I will use the normal inhaler on occasion before I work out.  I don't think of this when I'm actually running IF I've done what I can to control it, but if I don't I can tell immediately and I have to "gut" out a "tight" run.

Weight:  I'm going to list weight as an obstacle, because ultimately it did contribute to my disappointing time at Chicago.  Two months from the race I was in a good position and then I didn't watch my nutrition as well as I had the previous five months.  I will blog about my nutrition (once the holidays pass) but I have made some changes since finding out about getting to run the marathon and I am shooting to be my lightest in some 20 years to help my body haul itself from the start to finish.  Also, be aware of what it is I'm eating so my body is as efficient as it can be.

Age:  I don't acknowledge age as an obstacle.  I threw it in here because we tend to use this as a primary reason for not getting out and doing what we like to do.  Young people get injured, have pains, do damage.  Your body will always respond by making itself stronger after a workout.

Bottom Line:  While any, or all of these things can hit me at any given moment I feel 100% better after my run and that includes days I feel great.