Monday, December 23, 2013

Training Blog Overview

Beginning Dec. 30th I am going to follow the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) 16 week training program for the Boston Marathon -
Me ahead of the Kenyans

Training - I'm beginning this blog to have a place to record my training efforts, organize my weekly and daily thoughts about training and to help motivate and hold myself accountable for the many hours that it will take to reach my performance goal for the marathon.  It will also serve as a collection of pictures, places and give me something to look back on after it is all said and done.

Nutrition - Too often we start exercise program and write off worrying about the nutrition.  I've said, and I've heard it said, "I exercise so I can eat X, or drink X."  I'll post about "tumblr", a website that scrolls anything you want about anything you want, later which I use it for fitness motivation.  One "fitspriational" quote said "No exercise program can fix a bad diet" and after 49 years of trying it that why I'm giving in and taking a new attitude towards what I eat.   I have shaped some beliefs and I will try to link them to information that supports each change I blog about. 

Schedule & Different Types of Run - Normally I've always been satisfied with just logging miles.  This past year I've currently logged 140 runs for a total of 669 miles.  In 2012 I had 105 runs for a total of 506 miles; 2011 (starting in March) my last marathon year Nike+ had me log 81 runs for 530 miles.  But rarely have I done intervals, or tempo runs...just do it depending on who I'm running with or how I feel or both.  I plan to review my goals in terms of the types of runs and performance and then at the end of the week do a look back and look forward.

Cross Training - Stretching, running specific exercises, core and overall strength will be addressed as well.  There are only so many hours in the day, but I want to cross train a minimum of three times a week, while stretching or doing my running exercises everyday I run. 

Obstacles:  Ones I've overcome, are dealing with and will run up against as I train.

So I hope you enjoy hearing about my training journey and of course about Kat, Rett Syndrome and our fundraising efforts.